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Incorporating the RoundUp Ability Addon for your retail business’s POS system takes your capabilities above and beyond the standard cash register, allowing you to round up sales to the next dollar amount, placing the difference into an account to be used for charity or donation. No matter what your industry is, the RoundUp Ability Addon is the perfect addition that can take your business’s efficiency and capability to new heights.

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Additional RoundUp Media:
RoundUp User's Manual

RoundUp Features:

* Round Up Purchases to the Nearest $1

RoundUp Benefits:

* Automatically Calculates the Round Up Value
* Employees Simply Select the “RoundUp” Button
* Shoppers can easily Donate Change
* Quickly Run a Memorized POS Report to Review Donation Amount

Perfect for These Industries:
Retail Industry

Per Station Price:

$99 renewal per station/per year after 1st year