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Handheld Receiving for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Streamline workflows by scanning incoming products & items with a Cipher Lab scanner, then quickly create a receiving voucher or tie the batch to your purchase order in QuickBooks Point of Sale. 


Scan Items 

Review Data

Submit Held Voucher 

Tie to a PO

Save Time

Fewer Errors

Enter items in “Batch” Receiving for a single Vendor

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First Year/Per Station $199.00

Annual Subscription/Per Station:  $99.00


  • Once the app is installed, settings are selected and configured, simply scan the items with a CipherLab Inventory Scanner.  

    Ability Handheld Receiving App

    1. Scan item UPC barcodes.
    2. Upload scans.
    3. Review & save.

    In QuickBooks Point of Sale

    1. Review PO or Voucher.
    2. Commit.