Ability Addons for QuickBooks in Grocery/Deli POS

A Point of Sale system is a valuable tool for merchants in any vertical market – and supermarkets and delis are no exception. With the use of QuickBooks POS and custom add-ons from Ability Business, any grocery or deli can increase sales, productivity and streamline operations.

Integrated Scale Ability Addon for QuickBooks POS

* Easily weigh and scan various grocery or deli items at your Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Station
* Annual subscription is required


Total Customer Ability Addon for QuickBooks POS

* Verify age for restricted items
* Validate memberships and use driver licenses to create customers
* 3 functionality features rolled into one addon!
* Annual subscription is required


EBT Calculator Ability Addon for QuickBooks POS

Identify EBT eligible items with Ability EBT Calculator for Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale. Automatically calculate the total of all items eligible for your state/federal benefits (EBT/SNAP/WIC/etc) program. An annual subscription is required.


Invalid “Beep” Ability Addon for QuickBooks POS

Create a “Beeping” sound and alert the cashier when an item has been scanned at the checkout station that is not valid or not found in the system.


Handheld Receiving Ability Addon for QuickBooks POS

Scan incoming items and quickly create a receiving voucher.


Ability Business Customer Display and Signature Capture for QuickBooks POS

Interactive QuickBooks Point of Sale Ability Addon designed to be used with an iPad Mini, Air or Pro* to display item/receipt information and advertising messages, capture signatures for credit card transactions, and customer lookup. An annual subscription is required.