Add Value to Your Point of Sale Software with the Customer Display Addon for QuickBooks

The Customer Display Ability Addon is an interactive QuickBooks Point of Sale Addon designed to be used with an iPad or iPad Mini* to display item/receipt information in real time, digitally capture signatures, link customer accounts, and show scrolling messages.  Interested?

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Ability Business Customer Display Add-On for QuickBooks Point of Sale Applicaitons

Additional Customer Display Media:
Customer Display User's ManualIntegrated Scale Video Tutorial

Customer Display and Signature Capture Features:
* Display Item Information
* Display Receipt Information
* Customer Selectable Form of Payment

Customer Display and Signature Capture Benefits:
* Capture Electronic Signatures
* Display Item/Receipt & Advertising Messages
* Streamline the Checkout Process


Perfect for These Industries:
Bakery IndustryBulk Foods IndustryCheese & Wine IndustryConsignment IndustryFabric & Quilt IndustryLandscaping/Gardening IndustryWine & Liquor IndustryMeat & Fish IndustryProduce IndustryRetail IndustryGrocery & Deli IndustryVapor/E-Cig IndustryFrozen Yogurt/Custard Industry

Per Station Price:

$99 renewal per station/per year after 1st year