Lightspeed POS

Lightspped Point of Sale

Lightspeed Point of Sale 

While some POS platforms cater to only one industry, LightSpeed has very different functionalities for different industries including retail, eCommerce and restaurant POS. Available features within Lightspeed can vary wildly from industry to industry, and even to specific verticals within each industry. 

multiple tender

Multi-Tender Options 


Inventory Management

Inventory Management 

Order Management

Purchase and Work Order Management 



Employee Management  


CRM Functionality

CRM Functionality  


Multi-Store Functionality


Lightspeed Retail
Lightspeed eCommerce
Lightspeed Restaurant
Point of Sale for Retail

Lightspeeds POS formula? A complete inventory management system, all the data you need to make the right decisions, and the tools that will keep your customers coming back.

Point of Sale for eCommerce 

Want to sell online? Lightspeed eCommerce gives you complete inventory management with SEO optimized back-end, mobile responsiveness, and beautiful designs. 

Point of Sale for Restaurant

Lightspeeds POS for restaurant allows you to create your menu and update your floor plan directly in the system. You can impress your customers with images of your items, creating a unique restaurant experience. 

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