CAS PD2 Weighing Scale

PD2 Scale

CAS PD2 Scale for Checkout

The PD2 scale for Checkout can be interfaced with registers and computers. This heavy-duty scale is perfect for supermarkets, cafeterias, specialty stores, shipping departments, delis, bulk food stores and more!
PD2 Scale
 The CAS PD2 Weighing Scale includes:

  * Up to 150 lb capacity 

  * Interface with register, computer or use as a bench scale

  * LED standard RS-232C and 4 bit parallel 

  * Easy to read tilt display 

  * Auto-span calibration 

  * On/Off, Zero function key

  * Auto-zero tracking 

  * Rugged cast aluminum casing 

  * Dual range 

  * NTEP # 92-174A1 certified legal for trade 

  * OPOS drivers available 

  * Compatible with UPS Worldship


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