Revel POS for iPad

Revel Point of Sale for iPad

Revel Point of Sale for iPad

Revel POS for iPad is the best POS system built with business in mind and optimized to perform across a multitude of industries to meet your every need. Cut back on the bulk of your outdated POS system using Revel’s streamlined POS interface to maximize your business’s potential.
Best of all, the Revel POS for iPad system is fully customizable to meet your every need and comes equipped with extra features that allow you to easily build your customer relationships and grow your bottom line.


Easy to Navigate   

iPad interface provides users with more than just a register. 

Cloud Sync

Secure Cloud Computing

Stores all your data safely and securely. 

Real Time

Real-time Reporting  

Save time, analyze and grow your business.


Centralized Management System   

Assists in accurate and quick decision making. 


PCI Compliant 

Secures your data and payment services.  


QuickBooks Compliant   

Easily integrates to help you stay on top of your bookkeeping. 


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