QuickBooks POS Addons

Add Value to Your Point of Sale Software with QuickBooks Add-ons

Businesses aren’t a quick one size fits all topic, so why should your point of sale system be? Give your QuickBooks Point of Sale system some edge with customized addons from Ability Business.

Incorporating addons for your business’s POS system takes your capabilities above and beyond the standard cash register, allowing you to do more with your business and deliver effective management solutions to your employees and customers. No matter what your industry is, there is a perfect add-on that can take your business’s efficiency and capability to new heights.


“Beep” sounds and alerts the cashier when an invalid item has been scanned at the checkout station.


3 simple steps to pay consignors!


Allows Consignors to view inventory online and see what has sold and what is left in inventory.


Need a custom label for QuickBooks Point of Sale?


Interactive QuickBooks Point of Sale Addon designed to be used with an iPad Mini, Air or Pro* to display item/receipt information and advertising messages, capture signatures for credit card transactions, and customer lookup.


Identify EBT eligible items with Ability EBT Calculator for Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale. Automatically calculate the total of all items eligible for your state/federal benefits (EBT/SNAP/WIC/etc) program.


Syncs inventory from POS to QB Financial. For FIFO you must use QuickBooks Enterprise.

Scan incoming items and quickly create a receving voucher.

Easily weigh and scan random weight items at your Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Station.


Tag and Label Templates for Garden, Nursery and Landscape inventory.

A Valuable FREE Add-On for QuickBooks Point of Sale. Accurately record your QuickBooks Point of Sale end-of-drawer counts to QuickBooks Financial, without making any manual entries.

Print tags at your cutting table to scan at QuickBooks Point of Sale.


Verify age for restricted items, validate memberships and use driver licenses to instantly create customers. 3 features rolled into 1 add-on!

Boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.