Add Value to Your Point of Sale Software with the Handheld Receiving Addon for QuickBooks

With the Handheld Receiving Ability Addon, you can easily scan incoming product using your Physical Inventory
Scanner, review data and generate a Receiving Voucher in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

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Ability Business Hand Held Receiving Add-Ons for QuickBooks Point of Sale Applications

Additional Handheld Receiving Media:
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Handheld Receiving Features:
* Scan Your Items
* Review Data
* Submit Held Vouchers
* Tie to Purchase Order

Handheld Receiving Benefits:
* Save Time
* Create Less Errors
* Enter Items in “Batch” Receiving from a Single Vendor


Perfect for These Industries:
Consignment IndustryRetail Industry

Per Station Price:

$99 renewal per station/per year after 1st year