Add Value to Your Point of Sale Software with the Upsell/Cross-Sell Addon for QuickBooks

The Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Ability Addon is perfect for POS stations in any industry! As the customer’s items are scanned, this addon will prompt the cashier to promote related items as selected items are scanned. The cashier can then suggest the addon item, service, warranty, etc.

Related items can be programmed with minimal effort allowing you to customize your offerings. This not only will boost your sales, it will also increase customer satisfaction!

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Ability Business Upsell/Cross-Sell Add-On for QuickBooks Point of Sale Applications

Additional Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Media:
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Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Features:
* Easy to Use Interface
* Prompts Cashier to Offer Additional Items
* Select Which Items to Promote

Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Features:
* Boost Sales
* Increase Customer Satisfaction
* Generate Additional Income by Selling More Items


Perfect for These Industries:
Consignment IndustryProduce IndustryRetail Industry

Per Station Price:

$99 renewal per station/per year after 1st year