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Ability Apps for QuickBooks Point of Sale


Since 2009, Ability Business has been at the forefront of developing pos apps that add specific features and functionality for QuickBooks Point of Sale that enable small and mid-size businesses to take their business to the next level. 

In 2011, we received the Intuit Value Add award and in 2012, the Intuit Reseller Customizer of the Year award. The purpose of our Ability Apps is to enable business owners to add features and functionalities to QuickBooks Point of Sale to increase productivity and boost efficiencies.

Check out our suite of Ability POS apps for QuickBooks Point of Sale and test drive a FREE TRIAL TODAY.  

Age Verification

Scan ID’s

Automatically Verify Age

Protect your Business


Track Consignor Sales

Generate Reports

Insert Bills

Instant Scan

Capture Customer Information

Search Customer Names

Update Customer Records



Integrated Scale

Sell by Weight

Scan Random Weight Barcodes

Reduce Errors


Quickly Add & Renew Memberships

Track Memberships

Member Expiration Prompts

Round Up Donations

Collect Donations for a Cause

Cashier Selects Button

Automatically Round Up



Purchasing Limits

Set purchase Limits

Flexible Settings

Protect your Business

Signature Capture

Collect Digital Signatures

Retrieve Receipt with Signature

Print 8×10 Receipt with Signature

EBT Calculator

“Mixed Basket” approach

Subtotals for EBT & non-EBT items

Identify EBT & WIC items