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Scale Integration for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Speed up checkout lines with our Ability Integrated Scale app that adds the functionality to weigh items like bananas at the checkout and scan random weight bar codes from the deli. QuickBooks Point of Sale station. Ability Scale adds value to your system by increasing accuracy and efficiency. No more editing quantities at the ‘Make A Sale’ screen. Plus, if you print random weight labels from a label printing scale, just place the label on the package, and scan the barcode at the checkout – Ability Integrated Scale will do the rest!



Increase Accuracy

Reduce Errors

Speed Up Lines

Sell by Weight

Scan Random Weight Labels

Support GS1-128 Barcodes

Global Tare

Stored Tares

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First Year/Per Station $299.00

Annual Subscription/Per Station:  $99.00



We have been very pleased using the Ability Integrated Scale software along with our Quickbooks Point of Sale system.  Ability successfully helped us integrate not only our Hobart scale labels into Quickbooks POS – but also worked with us to integrate our customer barcodes to be integrated with the Quickbooks POS software.  Ability also has great customer service and supports their product very well.

~ Drew Bowman 
The Bowman & Landes Farm Market

  • Once Ability Integrated Scale is installed and configured with QuickBooks Point of Sale, the cashier will:

    Weighing Items

    1. Place the item on the weighing scale. 
    2. Add the items to the receipt. This will depend on your business workflow.
      • Use QuickPick Groups
      • Enter PLU (POS Item NUmber)
      • Search & select item
      • Scan barcode from booklet
    3. The weight is automatically added to the receipt.
    4. Continue with the sale.

    Random Weight Barcodes

    1. Print label from a label printing scale.  
    2. Scan the random weight barcode labels at the receipt.
    3. The quantity is automatically added to the receipt. 

Industry & Solution

Inn & Bait Shop, Retail

QuickBooks Point of Sale

Ability Scale

River Rock Inn & Bait Shop

River Rock Inn & Bait Shop

Your product, [Ability Scale] saves us a ton of time and mistakes.

Scott Bretting, Owner of River Rock Inn & Bait Shop

Industry & Solution

Garden Center, Produce Market, & Gift Shop

QuickBooks Point of Sale

Ability Scale

Wingard's Market

Wingard's Market - Ability Scale Testimonial

Ability scale continues to be an excellent product for us.  It has performed exactly as advertised, right out of the box, and installation support got [our QuickBooks Point of Sale station] operational in minutes [to start weighing items at the checkout].”

Wally Steinhauser, Co-Owner of Wingard’s Market