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Ability Financial Exchange

Manage Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise, sync data in real-time to QuickBooks Point of Sale with our QuickBooks integration software.

Take your business to the next level with Ability Financial Exchange – a QuickBooks Integration Software. With our sync tool, you can manage your inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise, sell items at your QuickBooks Point of Sale, checkout, and use the same inventory on invoices in QuickBooks. No more manually syncing across platforms—our QuickBooks integration software builds a bridge that will save you time, effort and money.

In the early Spring of 2017, Ability Financial Exchange for QuickBooks Enterprise was conceptualized and development began. In a nutshell, Ability Financial Exchange is a QuickBooks add-on that allows you to share inventory in real-time for both QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale, sync sales transactions, and so much more! No more endless workarounds and trying to keep inventory aligned with retail, wholesale, service and contractor sales.

Our team understands that every business is unique and has different needs. With Ability Financial Exchange, small and mid-size companies now have QuickBooks integration software available so that they can utilize the features of both QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale.  With nearly real-time sync, owners and management can run QuickBooks Enterprise reports that give decision-makers insights to inventory, sales orders, cash flow and so much more in order to make better business decisions.


Real-Time, Two-Way Sync between QuickBooks Enterprise and POS

Manage (Add/Receive/Adjust) Inventory in QuickBooks

Connect Multiple POS Locations—Retail, Warehouse, Vehicles

Run Reports in Real-Time in QuickBooks Enterprise

Assembly Items can be built in Enterprise and then synced to POS as an Item to be sold

Sync Account Balances from POS to QuickBooks & QuickBooks to POS



$99 /Month, First Location

$29 /Month, Additional Locations

Onboarding Package


Ability Service

One-time Setup Fee

Upload and Configure Items, Vendors, Customers

Note:  Additional location set-up fee is $199 for QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum


  • 1. Manage Inventory—Add, Receive, Adjust—in QuickBooks Enterprise. Ability Financial Exchange is a QuickBooks add-on that syncs new and updated inventory information in real-time to QuickBooks Point of Sale.

    2.  Create Sales and sell inventory in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Ability Financial Exchange automatically syncs back to QuickBooks Enterprise.

    3. Ability Financial Exchange empowers you to make better business decisions with up-to-date QuickBooks reports—Profit & Loss, Inventory, Balance Sheet, and more.