Signature Capture for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Streamline your business while reducing paperwork and administrative tasks with our Ability Signature Capture app designed for QuickBooks Point of Sale.   

Ability Signature Capture enables business owners to collect electronic signatures for retail and wholesale house accounts, credit card charges, and other payment types during checkout at the QuickBooks Point of Sale station. 

This app also serves as a customer display so that customers can review their sale as items are being scanned.  The customer can even enter their phone number to attach their customer account to the sale.  Once the payment type is selected, the customer is prompted to sign.  You can retrieve the last receipt signature from the Blue Button on the left side of the sales receipt screen or from the sales history screen.  

Subscribe Today

First Year/Per Station $299.00

Annual Subscription/Per Station:  $99.00


  • Engage customers
  • Display item information
  • Gather customer information
  • Collect digital signatures 
  • Retrieve signatures & receipt details
  • Market with scrolling images
  • Add your business logo
  • Choose payment tenders that require a signature
  • Require typed name in addition to signature
  • Prompt cashier to verify signature
  • Include item images if QuickBooks Point of Sale “Item Pictures” is enabled
  • Include the receipt identifier in the comments field
  • Prompt customers for emailed receipts
  • Collect customer information 
  • Set idle images
  • Garden
  • Landscape
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • House Accounts
  • What versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale does Ability Signature Capture and  Customer Display work with?

    Ability Signature Capture and Customer Display works with the following QuickBooks Point of Sale Versions: 

    • v10
    • v2013 (v11)
    • v2015 (v12)
    • v18

    What is included in my subscription?

    Technical support is included with your annual subscription.  Our team will help install, review the settings and configurations, and demonstrate how the app works.

    What is the recommended hardware for Ability Signature Capture?

    An iPad Mini is recommended for Ability Signature Capture/Customer Display.

    We also recommend investing in a Kiosk mini iPad stand.