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Age Verification for QuickBooks Point of Sale

If your business sells beer, wine, hard liquor, tobacco, vape products, or other age-restricted products, then Ability Age Verification is an essential app for your QuickBooks Point of Sale solution.

With a 2D Scanner, Ability Age Verification allows you to check ID’s instantly – quickly scan the Driver’s License, automatically verify the age, and store the information.


Instantly Verify Age

Accurate Driver License Scans

Flexible Settings for your Business

Streamline Checkout Process

Manual Entry

2D Scanning


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First Year/Per Station $299.00

Annual Subscription/Per Station:  $99.00

  • Once the app is installed and configured, simply scan and add items to the “Make A Sale” screen. When an age-restricted item is added the Ability Age Verification prompt will automatically popup.

    1. Manually enter the birthdate or scan the driver’s license.
    2. Ability Age Verification App will record the age information in the QuickBooks Point of Sale comment field. 
    3. If the customer is of age, proceed with the sale.
    4. If the customer is not of age, a warning prompt will be displayed and the age-restricted item will be removed from the receipt.