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Consignment for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Consignment for QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Desktop was designed to  streamline your Resale and Consignment business workflows.  With QuickBooks Point of Sale as your foundation for sales and inventory tracking, simply add Ability Consignment to your solution to track the consignor’s sales, generate reports, and insert Bills into QuickBooks.


Easy to Use


Flexible Settings

Track Owned Inventory

Track Consigned Inventory

Save Time & Energy

Track by Percentage %

Track by Flat Dollar $

Generate Payout Reports


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First Year: $499.00

Annual Subscription:  $199.00



  • Once Ability Consignment is installed and the settings are configured, you will receive your items into QuickBooks Point of Sale with a 0 (zero) cost and ring sales.  When it is payout time, you will run Ability Consignment weekly, monthly, or quarterly based on your business workflow.  

    1. Step 1, refresh sales.  
    2. Step 2, review the Consignor’s payout report.
    3. Step 3, insert the Bills into QuickBooks Desktop.