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EBT Calculator for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Ability EBT Calculator creates subtotals for EBT and non-EBT eligible items during checkout allowing you to use a “mixed basket” approach.  No more separating items and decrease errors while speeding up your checkout lane. 


Automatically calculate the EBT eligible subtotal amount

See separate totals for EBT & non-EBT items

Identify EBT & WIC items

“Mixed Basket” approach

No manual sorting of items

Reduce employee errors

Less training for employees

Streamline the checkout process

Speed up your lanes

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First Year/Per Station $199.00

Annual Subscription/Per Station:  $99.00


  • Ability EBT calculator allows you to identify items in QuickBooks Point of Sale that are EBT eligible. As the sale is processed, a subtotal of EBT and non-EBT items is calculated and displayed in the comments box on the QuickBooks Point of Sale “Make a Sale” screen.

    When it is time to tender the sale, follow these steps:

    1. Authorize the EBT amount on your EBT device.
    2. Select “Check*” payment type.
    3. Enter the authorized amount in the amount field.
    4. Notate “EBT” in the check number field.
    5. Is there an additional amount due?  Complete the transaction by selecting another form of payment.
    6. Select save/print.

    The EBT and non-EBT subtotals are carried over to the receipt. *Optionally, you can choose to use the “Gift Certificate” payment type.