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Ability Financial Exchange for QuickBooks Online

Connect & Sync QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop

Ability Financial Exchange is a modern business solution that connects QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop and QuickBooks Online. This Ability Financial Exchange app gives you the best of both worlds – a fully-featured point of sale system and access to your QuickBooks Online financial dashboard anywhere, anytime!

Run reports with real-time up to date information in QuickBooks Online anywhere and at anytime, while employees are selling items at the retail storefront.  Plus, quickly check inventory to see what’s selling, what’s not, create PO’s, and receive product in.  Ability Financial Exchange will sync inventory updates to QuickBooks POS.  


Near Real-time Sync

Connect QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks POS

Add & Receive inventory in QBO

Make Sales in QuickBooks POS

POS Receipt syncs to QBO

Run Reports in QuickBooks Online anytime, anywhere

Balance Work & Family


$59 /Month

Onboarding Package


Ability Service

One-time Setup Fee

Upload & Configure Items, Vendors, Customers

Interested? Email Us Today

Interested? Email Us Today

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  • Ability Financial Exchange connects QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Point of Sale so that you can manage your day to day business activities including inventory and reordering in the cloud while making sales at your retail brick and mortar store, pop-up shop, or even in your business complex.  Sync your QuickBooks Point of Sale sales receipts to QuickBooks Online with our sync tool.  Sales & inventory information is synced in real-time allowing you to run true, up to date reports and enables you to make better business decisions.  

    Take a look at the table below to see the workflows our sync tool, Ability Financial Exchange, offers you so that you can grow your business. Check out our App Stack Bundle here.

    QuickBooks Online

    Ability Financial Exchange

    QuickBooks Point of Sale

    Create Items
    Create Purchase Orders
    Receive Inventory
    Review Profit Loss
    Review Balance Sheet
    See what you need to reorder
    Banking, Make Deposits
    Pay Bills, Receive Payments
    Sell on QBO App
    Access Anywhere, Anytime

    Sync Inventory to POS
    Sync Customer List
    Sync Vendor List
    Sync Sales Receipts to QBO
    Sync Invoices to QBO
    Sync Payments to QBO
    Sync Vouchers to QBO

    Make Sales
    Create Customer Accounts
    Take Payment on Account
    Receive Inventory, Print Tags
    Physical Inventory
    Collect Sales Tax
    Run Reports
    Create Employee Logins
    Set Security Roles
    Add an Ability App