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Total Customer for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Ability Total Customer for QuickBooks POS is chock full of features that will streamline your workflows at your checkout station.  Whether you have age-restricted items and need to check ID’s; create instant customers to build your CRM; track memberships; or set purchasing limits, we have you covered.

ID Check for QuickBooks Point of Sale
Age Verification

Scan ID’s

Automatically Verify Age

Protect your Business

Scan Customer Information
Instant Scan

Capture Customer Information

Search Customer Names

Update Customer Records


Quickly Add & Renew Memberships

Track Memberships

Member Expiration Prompts

Set Purchasing Limits
Purchasing Limits

Set purchase Limits

Flexible Settings

Protect your Business

Retail POS Solutions

Who uses Ability Total Customer

Retailers who use QuickBooks Point of Sale and need to check id’s for age-restricted items, streamline membership expirations, easily collect customer information for marketing, and have products that have purchase limits.

Liquor Stores, Wineries/Tasting Rooms, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores

Vape Shops, Smoke Shops, Gun Stores, Distilleries, Medical Dispensaries

Art Guilds, Non-Profits, Theaters, Clubs, Museums


Connect, Sync, and Automate Accounting

Ability Financial Exchange

for QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooksPOS Desktop

Add functions and features to Point of Sale

with Ability POS apps

designed for QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop