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Round Up Donation for QuickBooks® Point of Sale

Ability Round Up Donation enables retailers to collaborate with charities and give back to the community.

Easily implement and automate a round up campaign effort with the Ability Round Up Donation app and QuickBooks® Point of Sale


Automatically calculate the Round-Up value

Round-Up to the nearest $1

Easily select the Round-Up button 

Shoppers can easily donate change

Run a memorized POS report to review donation amount

Subscribe Today

First Year/Per Station $199.00

Annual Subscription/Per Station:  $99.00



  • Once the app is installed and configured, employees will:

    1. Simply ask the shopper if they would like to Round-Up to the next dollar for X Charity.
    2. If the shopper says yes, the employee selects the blue Round Up Donation button on the left. 
    3. The app will automatically calculate the difference.
    4. A donation item will be added to the receipt. 
    5. Which adjusts the amount due.
    6. Complete the sale.


    Total Sale is $9.55 -> Roundup to $10.00 -> .45 cents is collected for donation.

    Discuss what account in QuickBooks you want to tie the QuickBooks Point of Sale donation item to.