Round Up Donations for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Ability Round Up Donations enables retailers to collaborate with charities and easily implement a round up campaign effort with QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Your employees simply ask the shopper if they would like to Round Up to the next dollar for X Charity.  If the shopper says yes, the emplyee selects the blue Round Up Donations button on the left.  The POS system automatically adds the donation item, adjusts the Amount Due, and the sale can be finalized. 

Example: Total Sale is $9.55 -> Roundup to $10.00 -> .45 cents is collected for donation.


  • Automatically calculate the Round Up Value
  • Employees select the Round Up button 
  • Shoppers can easily donate change
  • Run a memorized POS Report to review donation amount
  • Round Up to the nearest $1
  • Retailers
Ability Round Up - Donations

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  • What versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale does Ability Round Up Donations work with?

    Ability Scale works with the following QuickBooks Point of Sale Versions: 

    • v10
    • v2013 (v11)
    • v2015 (v12)
    • v18

    What is included in my subscription?

    Technical support is included with your annual subscription.  Our team will help install, review the settings and configurations, and demonstrate how the app works.