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Ability Financial Exchange for QuickBooks Online: Resources and What You Need to Know

Ability Financial Exchange is an integration app for QuickBooks Online.  Find answers, how to’s, videos, best practices to questions and workflows along with resources for Ability Financial Exchange, a sync tool and connector that allows for QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop and QuickBooks Online integrations.

What you need to know about Ability Financial Exchange (AFE) for QuickBooks Online

  • Ability Financial Exchange technically does work with QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic but certain sync features will not and there may be limitations in the following areas:

    • Advanced inventory tracking and management like vendor attaching
    • QuickBooks Work Order and Sales Order tracking + Layaways, Deposits
    • Pre-set inventory levels/re-order points
    • Purchase Orders

Ability Financial Exchange for QuickBooks Online

  • Ability Financial Exchange is a real-time sync tool application that connects QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop. AFE (Ability Financial Exchange) gives you the flexibility to access business financials anywhere with QuickBooks Online and run your day to day operations at the QuickBooks storefront with QuickBooks POS.

    • Sync sales receipts and invoices (on account) from QuickBooks POS to QuickBooks Online.
    • Sync QuickBooks POS sales orders, work orders and layaways. Note these are Estimates in QuickBooks Online.  
    • Stay up to date on inventory—know what products are in stock, what needs to be reordered, and what is selling.