Membership for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Easily add, renew, and track memberships, and receive automatic prompts for expired memberships with Ability Membership app for QuickBooks Point of Sale.

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First Year/Per Station $299.00

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  • Quickly Add & Renew Membership
  • Member Expiration Prompts
  • Track Memberships
  • Cashier Prompts
  • Automatically Add New Membership Item
  • Automatically Add Renewal Membership Item
  • Art Guilds
  • Non-Profits
  • Theaters
  • Clubs
  • Museums
  • Vape & Smoke Shops
  • Wineries/Tasting Rooms
  • What versions of QuickBooks Point of Sale does Ability Membership work with?

    Ability Membership works with the following QuickBooks Point of Sale Versions: 

    • V9
    • v10
    • v2013 (v11)
    • v2015 (v12)
    • v18

    What is included in my subscription?

    Technical support is included with your annual subscription.  Our team will help install, review the settings and configurations, and demonstrate how the app works.