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QuickBooks Point of Sale v19

Discontinuation Date: October 3rd, 2023 Learn how this effects your business.

QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 Sunsetting, Discontinued

Read our blog to learn how we can help you during this transition.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 Discontinuation

Frequently Asked Questions

Intuit announced support for QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 will be sunsetted on October 3rd, 2023, we want to reassure you that our team is here to guide you through this journey.  We know that you will have tough decisions to make on how you run your retail business in the coming months with the discontinuation of support for QuickBooks POS 19.  Below are FAQ’s that we think will be asked.

When is the QuickBooks Point of Sale discontinuation date?

On October 3, 2023 QuickBooks will no longer support QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale v19.  The following support & services will be discontinued on October 3rd, 2023. 

  • Direct QuickBooks POS Support
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments
  • Givex Gift Card Service
  • Store Exchange for QuickBooks POS v19 Multi-Store
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale Mobile Sync & GoPayment
  • Webgility Ecommerce Integration Service
  • Vendor Lookup Service feature
  • Constant Contact Email Campaigns
  • QuickBooks POS Updates & Patches

Can I purchase QuickBooks POS or additional users to my existing license up until October 3rd, 2023?

Yes. You will be able to purchase QuickBooks POS Add a User to your current license number for QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store versions. 

You will not be able to purchase New Users, Add a Store, or Multi-store Unlocks to an existing license on February 8th, 2023.

Will the QuickBooks POS software stop working after the discontinuation date?

No.  QuickBooks POS will continue to work. Although Intuit will no longer support the software, Ability Business will continue to support v19 as we have and continue to support v8 – v18.

QuickBooks POS is working well for me.  Do I have to transition to a new POS program?

No.  QuickBooks POS is a feature rich and self-supporting program and Ability Business will continue to support QuickBooks POS well after the discontinuation date.

Can we continue to use Intuit Payments and PIN pad(s) for our credit card processing?

No. Intuit Payments will not work after the discontinuation date. However, Ability Business can refer you to alternative credit card processors with competitive rates and PIN pads that integrate with QuickBooks POS. 

Can I add additional users or store locations after the discontinuation date?

No. New purchases or adding users to an existing QuickBooks POS license(s) is not an option after the discontinuation date.

Will Intuit charge a fee to continue to use QuickBooks POS after the discontinuation date? 

No.  Your purchase of the QuickBooks POS license was considered an upfront buy. You own the product.  The only cost after the discontinuation date will be the support fee should you require technical assistance from a third-party such as Ability Business.  Our hourly support rate is $150 per hour which can be purchased at the time support is needed.

Will the store exchange feature of QuickBooks POS Multistore continue to work after the discontinuation date?

No. The store exchange feature that exchanges data between the remote store(s) and the Headquarter store will no longer be supported after the discontinuation date.  However, Ability Business does have a solution to replace store exchange and our sales team can discuss that solution with you.

Will all the Ability Apps and Integrations (AFE, Scale, ID Check, etc.) continue to work and be supported?

Yes. Ability Business will continue to support our applications, integrations, and custom reports for QuickBooks POS v19.

Will end users still be able to email QuickBooks Point of Sale documents to vendors and customers?

Yes, end users will still be able to use Outlook to email documents to vendors and customers after 9/30/23.

Will other third-party connections (Webgility, Method, HandiFox, etc.) continue to work and be supported?

It is best to contact those third-party vendors directly to verify their commitment to support their connection to QuickBooks POS v19 after the discontinuation date.

What if I am in need of training for QuickBooks POS v19?

As a self-supporting solution, QuickBooks Point of Sale has an extensive HELP file in the application.  Additionally, there are many free videos and information for most of the features on the Internet. Lastly, Ability Business will be available for training at our hourly rate of $150 per hour.

How do I install or reinstall QuickBooks POS v19 on another device?

Ability Business can provide the download link but you will need the license number, product code, and six digit validation code. If you have not already done so, it is important to log that information today.  The license number and product code will be needed to install QuickBooks POS, the validation code will be needed when you first open the newly installed QuickBooks POS. Lastly, click the link to activate the license over the phone by entering the validation code. If you run into any challenges, Ability Business can support this effort at our normal hourly rate of $150 per hour.

What safeguards should I put in place to protect my QuickBooks Point of Sale data?

It is a best practice to backup QuickBooks POS to a different drive than your PC hard drive (c:\).  Additionally, an offsite backup is highly recommended such as a cloud storage solution or portable hard drive.

What do I do if the server or main PC that QuickBooks Point of Sale is installed on becomes inoperable and I can no longer access QuickBooks Point of Sale?

If a new server/PC has to be installed or the existing one is repaired, an attempt at pulling the database or backup off the previous server/PC should be attempted. If that is not an option, a copy of the offsite backup can be used.

Where do I find my license # and product information so I can have it available if needed?

In QuickBooks Point of Sale, click HELP, then MANAGE MY LICENSE, then BUY ADDITIONAL USER LICENSE, a popup window will appear with all your license information.