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Ability Surcharge for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Ability Surcharge is a retail POS app that adds functionality to QuickBooks Point of Sale. This retail pos app allows you to add a surcharge automatically or manually during the sales transaction.  

Often retail businesses may impose various types of surcharges to cover specific costs or to adjust prices based on different industry factors. Some common types of retail point of sale surcharges include:

Ability Surcharge supports only ONE (1) surcharge type. 

Credit Card Surcharges

Retailers may add an additional fee when customers choose to pay with a credit card. This fee helps offset the processing costs associated with credit card transactions. 

Delivery Surcharges

For online or delivery-based retail businesses, a delivery surcharge may be applied to cover the cost of shipping or delivery services. This fee can vary based on factors such as distance, package size, or urgency of delivery.

Fuel Surcharges

Especially relevant for businesses that provide delivery services or transportation of goods, a fuel surcharge may be added to cover increased fuel costs. This surcharge helps offset fluctuations in fuel prices that can affect operational expenses.

Peak Time Surcharges

During peak seasons or times of high demand, retailers may implement surcharges to adjust prices accordingly. This can help manage demand, optimize resources, and ensure smooth operations during busy periods.

Environmental Surcharges

Some retailers may add surcharges to support eco-friendly initiatives or to cover the costs associated with environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling programs or sustainable packaging materials.

Service Surcharges

In certain industries, such as hospitality or event planning, service surcharges may be added to cover the cost of providing additional services or amenities. This fee is often applied on top of the base price to compensate staff or cover overhead costs.

These are just a few examples of the types of surcharges that retail businesses may implement. The specific surcharges applicable to a retail business will depend on your industry, operating model, and unique circumstances. It’s important for businesses to clearly communicate any surcharges to customers to avoid confusion and ensure transparency in pricing.

As with any service surcharge be sure to check with your specific state and local agencies as well as your merchant provider when it is related to collecting a surcharge on credit card payments. 


Automatically or manually select to apply surcharge

Keep lines moving and reduce manual calculation errors!

Add a % (Percentage) or Flat $ (Dollar) surcharge

Define minimum and/or maximum values


First year/per station: $199

Annual renewal/ per station: $99

30 day trial available