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Payroll for QuickBooks Online

Streamline your payroll workflow. Get expert backup from Intuit on your payroll setup:
HR guidance, tax-penalty protection, and more.

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Core Payroll

Premium Payroll

Elite Payroll

Starting at $45/month
+$5/employee per month

Starting at $75/month
+$8/employee per month

Starting at $125/month

+$10/employee per month

Calculate Paychecks

Automated Tax and Form Filings

Direct Deposit

Next Day

Same Day

Same Day

Garnishment Deductions Supported

Workforce Portal

Time Tracking

TSheets Premium Time Tracking

TSheets Elite Time Tracking

Onboarding / Assisted Payroll Setup

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

DIY + Optional Expert Review

DIY + Expert Review + Elite Onboarding

Compliance Help

Customize Permissions


Intuit Guarantee¹

Tax Penalty Free Guarantee²

HR Support Center / Library of Resources

Personal HR Advisor

Elite Product Support

Additional Services

Health Benefits

Additional Fee

Additional Fee

Additional Fee

Workers Compensation

Additional Fee

Fee Waived

Fee Waived


Elite Onboarding Done for You

Tax Resolution Service

1 As long as the customer gets an expert review, Intuit will cover any of its mistakes and attempt to catch any mistakes on the customer’s part. 2 Intuit covers 100% and any interest (up to $25,000/year) of any IRS/Payroll penalties, whether the error was made by Intuit or the customer.