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QuickBooks POS Payments

Contactless payments. One-step processing. Competitive rates.

Add Payments for fast, affordable credit card processing

  •  One system accepts contactless and mobile payments, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay*
  • All sales and payment data flows directly to QuickBooks Desktop financial software*
  •  No long-term contracts, setup or termination fees
  • Flexible payment plan options with competitive rates
  • Mobile payments enable you to do business anywhere including curbside pickup*

Pay as you go

Swipe/Dip: 2.7%
Keyed: 3.5%
Swipe/Dip with PIN: 1%
No monthly fee
No transaction fee

Low monthly rates

Swipe/Dip: 2.3% + 25c
Keyed: 3.2% + 25c
Swipe/Dip with PIN: 1% + 25c


Volum discount rates available for your established business. 

QuickBooks POS v19 - New Hardware Options

QuickBooks POS v19

New Features 

Contactless payments

Sleeker, modern hardware options

eCommerce integration

Email receipts with a click of a button