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QuickBooks POS Payments

Contactless payments. One-step processing. Competitive rates.

Add Payments for fast, affordable credit card processing

  •  One system accepts contactless and mobile payments, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay*
  • All sales and payment data flows directly to QuickBooks Desktop financial software*
  •  No long-term contracts, setup or termination fees
  • Flexible payment plan options with competitive rates
  • Mobile payments enable you to do business anywhere including curbside pickup*

Pay as you go

Swipe/Dip: 2.7%
Keyed: 3.5%
Swipe/Dip with PIN: 1%
No monthly fee
No transaction fee

Low monthly rates

Swipe/Dip: 2.3% + 25c
Keyed: 3.2% + 25c
Swipe/Dip with PIN: 1% + 25c


Volume discount rates available for your established business. 

Payments for QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks POS v19

New Features 

Contactless payments

Sleeker, modern hardware options

eCommerce integration

Email receipts with a click of a button