QuickBooks Point of Sale v19 Sunsetting, Discontinued

Intuit announced support for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale v19 will be sunsetted on October 3rd, 2023, we want to reassure you that our team is here to guide you through this journey.  We know that you will have tough decisions to make on how you run your retail business in the coming months with the discontinuation of support for QuickBooks POS 19.  Learn more about the QuickBooks Point of Sale 19 Intuit Software End User Agreement here. 

With that said, thank you for selecting Ability Business as your QuickBooks Solution Provider and entrusting us to help you design a solution based on your needs.  We have been busy behind the scenes laying out scenarios based on you, our clients and merchants, and what your needs will be during this transition period regarding QuickBooks POS 19.  We have spent hours identifying four areas for you to address (think about), built out a list of questions & answers, and noted QuickBooks POS v19 resources.