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Shark Tank

Last November, Ability Business participated in the Intuit Reseller Program (now recognized as QuickBooks Solution Provider) Shark Tank Contest. I was honored to represent Ability and share two ideas that would benefit Entrepreneurs and SMB’s that use QuickBooks Software as their solution.   This idea wasn’t the 2017 Shark Tank Winner, however, we believed that there was a need and moved forward with development.  One year later, our vision is now available for clients searching for access to financials anywhere, anytime and a fully featured point of sale system.  Ability Financial Exchange connects QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop – giving you the best of both worlds!  Read on to hear how our vision began. 

The Beginning

As a QuickBooks Solution Provider and Intuit Developer, our mission is to listen to our client’s needs, analyze the situation, and provide a QuickBooks solution that empowers entrepreneurs and small & medium businesses around the world to succeed.   So, the story begins with us listening to our clients and prospects.  Here are the top 5 reflections we heard from small business owners:

Busy & Wear many Hats

The day of an entrepreneur and small business owner is filled with many tasks from the time they wake to the time they go to sleep.  Throughout the day, they wear many hats.  They are the sales rep, the cashier, the purchaser, bookkeeper, and even the plumber.   You may say they are a Jack (or Jill) of many trades.  Their schedule is not the typical 9 to 5 hour.  They are on call 24/7.  They are working hard to build their business and prosper.

Access their Financials Anywhere

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are on the go and their time is valuable.  They want to be able to view their QuickBooks dashboard and financials anywhere,  anytime and have up to date, real-time information at the tips of their fingertips.  Whether, they are at work,  home, on vacation, business events, conferences, trade shows, and even their children’s soccer practice, business owners want to access their QuickBooks financial dashboards anywhere, anytime.

Make Better Decisions

Accessible and up to date financial information is at the top of entrepreneurs and small business owners wish list.   Analyzing real-time sales data like what’s selling, what’s not, allows them to make better business decisions.   Plus, accessing reports and dashboards allow them to see what cash is coming in and going out.  Essential reports like Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Inventory Valuations offer business insights at a glance.

Streamline Workflows

Streamlining workflows empowers entrepreneurs and business owners by improving their business processes and bottom line.  Not only, does the right software solution improve business operations, automate repetitive tasks and workflows; but, it also cultivates a happy work culture and increases productivity.  By investing and learning how to use your system, business owners can get back to what they love – running their business.

Work-Life Balance

Last but not least, the number one goal for business owners is achieving a work-life balance.  Furthermore, owning and running your own business is hard work.  But, with the right QuickBooks solution, you can have a solid business foundation that will empower you.  As a result, the business solution will give you back valuable time to devote to life.  Whether you want to spend more time with your family and children or pursue a new sport like yoga or hiking, Even more, Ability Financial Exchange opens the doors to possibilities – dreams!

What is Ability Financial Exchange?

Ability Financial Exchange is a modern business solution that connects QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  This addon gives you the best of both worlds – a fully featured point of sale system and access to your financial dashboard anywhere, anytime!  Watch the video here.

Stay tuned for Shark Tank 2018 news!  Exciting features and functionality are coming in 2019!


Questions?  Email [email protected] or call 866.992.2454.

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